Tuesday, 23 August 2016

M & M at Jamie-Lee's house

I had so much fun with M&M. My cat moxie loved playing with him. M&M liked  ridding on the horse .


  1. Hi Jamie-Lee Zaeeda at Pt England team 4 room 10 moxie looks so cute when did you get moxie was she shy at first is M&m like your house
    and does the horse have a name

    from Zaeeda room 10

    1. Yes the horse does have a name shuraze. Moxie wasn't nervious, she was excited to see the house but now shes quite annoying. Now she gets in my way

  2. Hi Jamie-Lee, Zaeeda at Pt England team 4 room 10 here. Moxie looks so cute. When did you get Moxie? Was she shy at first? Did M&m like your house? Does the horse have a name?
    Have FUN !!!

    from Zaeeda room 10

  3. nice job Jamielee. I have a cat. It's name is Puss in Boots - like the show we went to yesterday.


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