Monday, 28 August 2017

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Friday, 2 June 2017

Cross Country

This week our year 4-8 students represented Kumara School at the Midland Line Cross Country. There were four other schools there too.  Kumara School students represented us really well and ran to the best of their ability.

The event was held at the Kumara race course, which is famous for its family race day held each year in January.  The race course is also where the Coast to Coast bases itself in February of each year.
The rest of the year the race course is home to a herd of cows, which made for an interesting Cross Country as we had to avoid the surprises the cows left behind for us.  Some students lost their shoes in the mud and had to retrieve them in mud as deep as their elbows.

Two of our students stood out in the races, with Carlos and Autumn qualifying to represent the Midland Line Schools at the West Coast Cross Country event next week.  Congratulations to them. As the event will be held back at Kumara race course they will have the challenge of dodging the cow's warm deposits again.