Thursday, 9 June 2016

This term Room One has been learning about explanation writing. We have written about a sentence that says,  how do you make your teacher laugh?Jamie lee has written about the sentence  how do you make your teacher laugh?

How do you make the teacher laugh?  

 My teacher never laughs. My teacher is sometimes mad .If you get to know her you will make her smile.

If I'd tickle her she will laugh like a monkey. Or she'll laugh if I do a funny dance. She'll find it funny if i got her a date to the cafe . 

Finally she laughed at me .

By Jamie-lee   

Friday, 3 June 2016

Hi my name is Julie and I'm going to see my family in the  Solomon Island.and I'm really excited to go. I'm going with my mum,dad and sister.
Hi my name is Carlos I am nine years old. I like hunting
It  is my dads birthday he is tuning 32. We are getting a  car for his birthday  and we  going to town  too.It is going to be so fun!
Hi my name is Dakota.  My cousin Shayla is so cute and I got to hold her for the first yesterday time and feed her! I'm going to go down her house today I cant wait to see her.:)